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Dear Art, You Shall Beautify My SoulTracey White Rose Petals PastI believe that art beautifies our souls. Creating, learning, and appreciating art makes you happy! Art is a heart journey for me, thank you for spending time with me, my art and what my heart loves to express.

I love vintage romance, nostalgia, mixed media, textures and layers, old fashioned roses, antiqued and intuitive art styles that speak to your soul, your heart, that perhaps have a hidden or deeper meaning. I love to look into the layers of a painting, to see the details, the hidden elements and messages.

I use my art classes and my original artwork to encourage, inspire and beautify peoples hearts and homes.

I combine teaching regular art classes and workshops with selling my unique style of artwork. To view my artwork stop by my Pinterest page

If you are interested in Prophetic art, learning how to express your authentic self, then find out more at or on my facebook page.

You can purchase handpainted pieces of art through my facebook shop or visit my Etsy shop.